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JINTAI Alloying Additives

Product No: (JT-AA)

Alloying additives tabletsAlloying additives tabletsAlloying additives tablets

JINTAI Alloying Additives(Tablets):

  JINTAI Tabletted additives for alloying aluminum have been in use for recent decades. These tablets (also named alloy compact) can be used as master alloys to produce aluminum alloys. They provide an efficient economic way of making elemental additions such as titanium, iron, manganese, chromium, zinc, nickel and copper in cast houses world-wide for the manufacture of high-quality aluminum in applications such as rolling ingot for foil stock and can stock, billet for precision extrusions and high-quality foundry casting alloys. For the precise compositional adjustment of alloy melts or for bulk element addition, Alloying Additives / Alloying tablets is the optimum choice. Rapid Dissolution at normal cast house operating temperatures. Concentrated Form, Accurate and Clean Addition means improved cost performance with no weighing needed for packaged product, reduced inventory, transport and storage costs compared with binary master alloys. High Element Recovery and Consistency of recovery – typically over 95%. Minimal Temperature Loss upon addition. Precise Weight and Self-Sinking, Easy Handling improved reliability with color-coded, light-weight packs.

JINTAI Alloying Additives

Product title


Function & characteristics


Manganese additive

75% 80% 85%

It is used for element addition of nonferrous metal alloys. It melts fast when putting into the melt under normal melting temperature (usually less than 5 minutes .It is simple for use and the recovery rate of element in additive is more than 95%)


2Kg/inner plastic bag

foil wrapping

Package can be customized.

Titanium additive

75% 80% 85%

Iron additive

75% 80% 85%

Copper additive

75% 80% 85%

Silicon additive

75% 80% 85%

Chrome additive

75% 80% 85%

Nickel additive

75% 80% 85%

Zirconium additive

10% 20% 75%

Zinc additive

75% 80% 85%

Fast melt silicon

low temperature
fast melting


5Kg/inner plastic bag

It is applicable to nonferrous metal plate, strip, foil, profile, bar, wire, cable and nonferrous metal brand alloy preparation industry.

JINTAI Regular Alloying tablet Product list: Ti75Al25, Ti80Al20, Ti85Al15, Ti75F25, Ti80F20, Ti85F15, Mn75Al25, Mn80Al20, Mn85Al15, Mn75F25, Mn80F20, Mn85F15, Cr75Al25, Cr80Al20, Cr85Al15, Cr75F25, Cr80F20, Cr85F15, Fe75Al25, Fe80Al20, Fe85Al15, Fe75F25, Fe80F20, Fe85F15, we can manufacture specific element content according to your request. 

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